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Big Trouble in a Little World

Each of the Cities controlled by a Daimyo need liberated, once defeated choose one of the Townsfolk to take control. With 4 choices for each City who will you pick to shape the future of this Little World?

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Time to Heal Up

We provide multiple ways in Shogun Bloodlines to heal your Heroes. Whether you are Sleeping 🏩 in a safe house or Inn, eating delicious Food🍣, drinking trusty Potions 🍯, or relaying on Spells✨; your Characters will always have the Strength needed to fight Evil!

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🏠 Home Sweet Home 🏠

Houses are not just a safe place to Sleep 💤 and heal up. They also provide you with special ways of using items that you acquire along your travels; like rolling sushi 🍣, brewing coffee 🍵, and planting seeds🌱. You can also change your Hero's outfit 👕 at a dresser or store items in a chest🔐 for safe keeping. With Houses spread out all over the World you will find that each one comes with unique amenities. Enjoy the relaxation while you can, the Evil Shogun's Troops are Everywhere!

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